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When Was The Last Time
You Actually Read A Whole Sales Letter?

You KNOW they aren’t being read... So...

Stop struggling with sales copy that no one even reads .
... when you can create a sales video in half the time!

CLIENT results after using video

Using Joey’s video marketing techniques on
our sales page we saw an increase from 4% to
17% in conversions!
The guy is a video genius...


"why do i need video"

Adding video to a site that sells ANYTHING increases conversion rate by an average of 30%.

That means you can spend 2 hours creating a video, and see a 30% conversions increase on your site FOR LIFE. Crazy!

Customers are 85% more likely to make a purchase on a website after they’ve watched a video.


It’s not just about sales videos. It applies to content videos as well! Users stay at least 2 minutes longer on sites with videos…

Sites with video are 50x more likely to land on page 1 of Google! Free organic traffic, anyone?

Tell your list to click the link to watch a VIDEO, they are 2-3x more likely to click that link.

HELLO, more affiliate sales!

Got a squeeze page? Adding a video can increase your optin rate by 51% or more.

Don’t waste your time and money on driving traffic to a squeeze page without video...

That would be criminally insane!

With these jaw-dropping video stats, it’s shocking that so many
marketers STILL don’t effectively harness the power of video…

It’s because you might not know…

videos best kept secrets...

You don’t need ANY of the fancy equipment,
skills, and time that normally goes into
creating amazing videos

Instead of ever showing your face on camera, you’ll finally have high-level
videos with nothing more than free screen capture software, and a free slide
presenter. Yes, you can get started completely for free.

That means you won’t be asked to spend $700 on a fancy DSLR camera, $200
on studio lights, $500 on editing software, etc.

All you need is the computer you’re sitting at right now!

You might believe that editing videos is tricky or takes a lot of time – but people who know simple editing tricks can get their videos polished and perfect fast…

You can even do it with 100%
free software.

You’ll have all of the conversion secrets that go into a successful video, and
you’ll be able to make your own video in just a couple of hours.

But if you want to outsource, it’s critical that you know the conversion
secrets that go into a powerful video. A lot of times... editors know nothing about production or conversion – so you can’t
trust that part of the process to them until YOU know what converts.

Once you’re fully armed with videos most powerful conversion secrets, you’ll
be able to outsource with the comfort that you’re going to get
something that converts…

you won’t sink money into videos without
knowing what converts!

who am i...?

I’m Joey Xoto, and it all started in September of 2012, when I
lost my corporate job .

Since that time, I’ve discovered the simplest and fastest ways for
ANYONE, regardless of experience, to harness the
power of video marketing.

I’ve been creating top-converting videos for my offline & online
clients for over 2 years.

While my clients invest $3,000+ for me to create custom videos
for them, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to take my video strategies & implement them in their own business!

That's when I went and created a course that shows you exactly how to do it, WITHOUT having to spend thousands!

In fact, what I've created and put together will show you how to create your
videos for free.

So with all that said – let me ask you this…

... If in just 24 hours from now you could have a high
converting, cash sucking video that sells your
products and services with more speed and
ease than ever before…
would you take it?

Yes! Who wouldn’t… That’s exactly what
I want you to have right now.

Video Induction System contains step-by-step video tutorials,
fill-in-the blanks worksheets,
and fast production secrets,
all for instant access in our members area

what’s inside ...

How To Script Your Video in 60 minutes

Discover how to immediately hypnotize your viewers so they’re glued to your video & how to get them to take the exact action you want: be it to buy, subscribe, sign-up, comment, ANYTHING.

And while traditional text letters can take weeks to write, you’ll be able to write a profitable video script in just 60 minutes or less.

How To Make Your Viewers WANT To
Buy From You Again & Again

Use my hypnotic script structure to get your viewers actually wanting to buy from you every single time...

Dangerously powerful! Use with caution.

The ‘four pillars’ of a profitable video

These 4 simple pillars are necessary in every video you ever make, but 99% of videos leave 1 or more of these out!

Discover what they are, and how you can use these 4 Pillars to maximize your conversion rates & skyrocket your sales!

The Secret Ingredient Behind The World’s Most Powerful Close Tactics

Hint: It takes 4 sentences.

Your close will make or break your video! You’ll finally know the most powerful way to get your viewers to buy, sign up, or do anything else you want at the end of the video.

This technique alone will increase the amount
of sales you generate from your videos!

easy Cheatsheets

Use Joey’s specially designed cheatsheets to give you a quick-start and guarantee you stay on the right track!

This is the perfect way to digest the video training as well as having quick references to help you learn and apply the information!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Video Script

Nothing will stand in your way of having a converting video script.

Use my proven worksheet and it practically writes the script for you. By answering these easy questions, you’ll have your own powerful and unique video script – complete with a top-converting close.

Never EVER hire a copywriter for a script again.

Tap Into Your Viewers Subliminal Mind

Did you know that it takes 7 questions to truly identify your viewers?

Answering these questions will give you the key to hypnotizing and controlling your viewers on a subconcious level.

costly mistakes to avoid

Unlike most marketers, you won’t waste time or money on videos that don’t work, because you’ll know exactly which common mistakes to avoid

Avoiding these mistakes will save you money, increase conversions & boost your sales!

How To Create Your Video

How to create epic quality, professional and high-converting videos in the shortest space of time.

You’ll be shocked by how easy it actually is!

The Freebie-Lovers’ Tool Kit

All of the tools you’ll need to create stunning, high-converting videos…

And all tools are FREE. Your screencap software will be free, your editing software will be free, and all tools in between will be FREE, regardless of if you’re on a PC or MAC.

The Pros Tip: How To Never Need
Lots Of Editing

Use this one industry secret and you may never have to edit videos EVER again.

You’ll get your videos perfect or nearly perfect on the very first try.

Making “Fancy” EASY

The simple way to trim small mistakes, add fancy effects, add background music, and optimize your videos for the web in just a couple clicks of your mouse.

It really is that simple!

How To Get A Pro Corporate
Or Whiteboard Animation Video For $50!

If you’d like to have videos like the ones you see on corporate
websites, or animated whiteboard videos, I’ll share my secret
way to have these created for $50 or less.

Without this tip, most people invest $3,000+ in the exact same
style of video!

In fact, I use this secret to get paid big fees by my clients all of
the time…

Or I include it in a marketing package for them so they get an
insane value! There are so many awesome ways to use this tip…
I can’t wait to share it with you.

get free access to my 86 page video
persuasion manifesto valued at $17

Video Persuasion Manifesto is a 86 page report that will give you a complete written format of my highly persuasive scripting formula!

Learn how to write the most hypnotic & highly compelling scripts to get people throwing their cash at you!

You Will Use Video Induction System To:

Skyrocket the effectiveness on ALL MATTERS of video:

Sales videos, squeeze page videos, membership videos, content videos, launch funnel videos.

Multiply the conversion rate on your existing pages by 10 or more.

Create profitable videos efficiently and for free.

The combination of conversion secrets + speed to create will mean that you’ll have all of the profitable power videos bring starting right now.

if you’re starting from the very beginning, you can have a money making video today… no website necessary!

Make sales directly from places like YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine)… That means you can add video directories like YouTube to your traffic sources

Get paid by clients for your video creation skills.

Why Pay $3,000 To Outsource Video Creation
Each And Every Time?
When You Can Invest $47 For The Power To
Create The World’s Highest Converting Videos
For Life?

Do you agree that videos can hook viewers in?

Do you agree that more and more A-level marketers are
turning to video?

Do you agree that having high-converting video on your
squeeze pages, sales pages, and more…
would make you more money?
Of course!

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Video Induction System

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WHAT other people are saying...

ricky leyva pixel graffiti

With Joey’s help we’ve been able to increase our sales by 10%! I can't say enough good things about Joey... The man is a BEAST!

bryan toder no fear zone

As an expert persuader and someone who is now using video in his web sites and sales letters...

I must recommend VIS to anyone who wants to either start doing video… or move their video expertise to the next level and start making serious sales!

colin heath freelance copywriter

I am stunned at the level of detail and actionable content inside VIS.

As a content creator this has totally changed my approach to video courses and can't believe I have missed these simple but effective tricks!

Overall I think this is going to take my marketing to the next level.

adil amarsi

I've gone through practically every online video course there is. If you're looking to present, brand, or do anything with your business, first use video, second take Joey's advice!

Joey's Video Induction System is by far one of the best there is for anyone starting out or being a seasoned pro.

click play to watch this video review!

Ryan Philips

bj pivonka online marketer

Joey's product teaches you how to create a persuasive sales video that actually converts & makes money!

His lessons are simple, yet powerful and even if you've never created a sales video before, after viewing his product you'll know everything you need to do in order to make a sales video that will actually convert.

matt houghton

This is well thought out and well structured with some amazing tips tricks and strategies for the novice and expert alike.

Joey shares his expert knowledge in a really easy way to follow, not only in depth video tutorials but really cool worksheets to go through too.

Highly recommended & one of the very best video production products I have seen.

jesus diaz online marketer

Joey's Video Induction System is a 'must' for anyone working with information products!

We all know video increases value perception, however most don’t execute video properly...

Joey nails part by part, from the very basics to the most advanced techniques, all in easy to watch videos full of valuable content, even for the people with previous experience!

I absolutely recommend your Video Induction System!

john wright online marketer

Joey gives great content and puts his heart and soul into what he delivers, and it shows on screen.

He covers everything that you need to know to make more money with video!

I have no hesitation in putting my name to his products and this is excellent.

The future is definitely video and all you need to do is follow Joey's tuition and as he says you are heads and shoulders above the average video products out there!

sergio felix marketing with sergio

Video Induction System is definitely the most complete video training tailored for marketing I have ever taken, this is a must have for any serious marketer!

george burroughs atlas chiropractic

Joey's teaching style is amazing and the gems I discovered are truly priceless.

Take action and get this right now!

I stand by everything inside Video Induction System with an iron-clad guarantee

so if you’re at all curious about finally unleashing the profitable power of videos into your business, click the button below and access Video Induction System right now.

  • 24 actionable videos that will reveal
    the world’s most powerful video
    conversion secrets.
    ($197 Value)
  • 11 cheatsheets that will reveal all
    the free tools, help you create your
    script, and more.
    ($197 Value)
  • Bonus: How to get corporate or
    white-board style videos for $50
    or less. ($197 Value)

Total Value: $591.00

Yours For: $97

grand opening special: $47
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Video Induction System

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